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CAD-Computer Aided Design/Engineering

The strongest service of Palla-Tech is CAD (Computer Aided Design).
Using high-end 3D CAD systems, our company offers to our clients, the most up to date Synchronous Technology, that unites 3D parametric and history-free modeling solutions.

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CAM-Computer Aided Manufacturing

As using high-end CAM-Software solutions, Palla-Tech is able to create the toolpaths and CNC-Programs directly from the CAD models, without the need of any time and money consuming drawing creation, printing or paper based documentation.

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FEM/FEA-Finite Element Method/Analysis

Using FEM/FEA methods we verify the strength of the part components to insure that the assembly is applicable for the given purpose. As we use integrated FEM/FEA systems, the time of design and manufacturing process can be significantly reduced.

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