Mechanical Design

One of our strongest services are CAD and Mechanical Desing.

Palla-Tech Kft. - CADCurrently, the most modern way of mechanical and engineering design is 3D CAD design.

During the 3D CAD design, we create our models as free-form shape models, as solid models or combined hybrid models.
After creating the individual part models, we combine the final assembly model. When the 3D assembly model is ready, we create the assembly drawings and the individual manufacturing drawings of the parts, so as the bill of materials and additional documentation.

On the finalized assembly models we also can perform a collision analysis to prove that the assembly can be combined from the individual part models and to perform additional kinematical and dynamical analysis.

As requested or the type of construction makes it necessary it, we also can provide different types of Finite Element Anlysis (FEM/FEA) methods to test various strength, dynamical, thermal and fluid conditions.

Our company is also able to provide various technological plans (for example CNC-programs), without the creation of 2D paper drawings, with the usage of high-end CAM software.