Finite Element Analysis

Beside CAD (Computer Aided Design) and CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) Palla-Tech has a valuable experience in FEM/FEA (Finite Element Method/Analysis) as well.

FEM/FEA so Finite Element Analysis can be used for analyzing strength, dynamical, statical, thermal, flow etc. conditions and solutions in a mechanical construction.
Palla-Tech uses FEM/FEA systems for validating the strength and mechanical properties of rotating parts, to verify them against various load cases. These systems can also be used for verifying different types of impellers or shafts.
During the FEM/FEA analysis, the effect of several environmental properties, such as temperature, pressure can also be simulated.

Palla-Tech Kft. - CAE

Palla-Tech uses such FEM/FEA systems, that also have material databases. These databases contain the most commonly used materials that mechanical engineering use, such as steel, aluminum etc. With the usage of such databases and by assigning the appropriate materials to our assembly parts, we can simulate the various load cases more accurately.

Palla-Tech can also analyze client or third party created models, assemblies and cases.
This is possible, because of our high-end FEM/FEA system. The FEM/FEA system we use, is deeply integrated into a CAD/CAM-software, so model import is not a question at all. Our system is also able to import the other standard 3D formats as well, such as igs, stp, parasolid etc.

Palla-Tech has great experience not only in analyzing mechanical assemblies, but also in static steel constructions.